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Steve Jobs preparing his official biography in 2012

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Steve Jobs preparing his official biography in 2012
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Walter Isaacson will be responsible for narrating the life of the cofounder of Apple for the publisher Simon & Schuster

Madrid. (Portaltic / EP). - Co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, have written biography in 2012. The publisher Simon & Schuster has confirmed that the biographer Walter Isaacson will be responsible for drafting the text.

The book, which will go through the life of Steve Jobs, will be entitled ISteve-The Book of Jobs ('iSteve: The Book of Jobs'). The figure of Steve Jobs is very attractive as thousands of users see Apple co-founder as a visionary in the field of technology.

The story of how he founded Apple with Steve Wozniak is almost legendary. Users who want to know the story from the point of view of Steve Jobs are in luck. Apple CEO prepared his biography. The publisher Simon & Schuster has confirmed that Steve Jobs is working with writer Walter Issacson in conducting a book about his life.

Biography, 'iSteve: The Book of Jobs' will be available next year. This is the first authorized biography in which Steve Jobs will tell his story. It is the first book written with Steve Jobs as the protagonist. The success of Jobs and Apple has spawned other attempts to tell his story, but none with the consent and cooperation of the popular Apple's CEO.

According to the website The Huffington Post, Walter Isaacson is working on the book since 2009. The biographer has met with employees of Apple, Jobs' friends and family to make the book. At the moment there have been reported that passages in the life of the Apple executive will be part of the biography. Jobs's popularity suggests that the book could become instant success.

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