martes, 8 de marzo de 2011

Adobe makes Flash= HTML5

After the battle with Apple over the lack of Flash on mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad, Adobe chose to join the enemy and opened Wallaby, a software that converts files to Adobe Flash Professional Flash CS5 to HTML5.

The aim of the Wallaby software is meeting the standards while reaching to all devices that do not accept content in Flash format, such as Apple's mobile devices with IOS.

"Wallaby is an experimental technology that demonstrates the innovation that we are about Flash and HTML and investment shows that we are devoting to both technologies, which we consider of equal importance, " said senior product manager for Adobe Creative Suite, Tom Barclay .

The Wallaby performance is simple. Simply drag the Flash file within the program and it will convert to an HTML file, which will achieve the same effects as in the original Flash file.

For now the product is under development, so only you can convert some types of files.

4 comentarios:

Random Fan dijo...

Crap, does this mean Apple won?

Timothy Keulst Oribreaux dijo...

We can only hope not, their empire is too strong :/

b1loom dijo...

I actually find this pretty neat, since flash really sucks concerning stability und speed.

Torrent Watch dijo...

so it looks as though Apple may have been right to hold it's ground on flash.