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Engineers, reflecting a crisis of manpower

Late last summer, 36000 Germany sought engineers, reflecting a crisis of manpower in the industrial sector (as is also needed cooks, administrative personnel, auxiliary nursing homes ...), and looking abroad. And still looking for more engineers and other workers from beyond the borders Germanic to hold the Bavarian economy.

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Or if not, why recently, Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke of seeking engineers and others in countries like America?

It must be said clearly, an engineer in America does not have many opportunities to do everything I wanted and less likely to receive remuneration for their skills (hence it is spoken in some parts of "over-" and reach the end of lying less in the curriculum, will be the master engineer require astronomical salaries ...) ... and that if he found a job, of course. I'm in the position of having been lucky enough to find work (yes, nearly a year and a half after finishing the race) and even now I'm even below mileurista and I do all that is supposed to be a telecommunications engineer to do, I can at least begin to have experience in the ICT sector ...

... One area that America continues to look with disdain (or fear, you choose what seems best) over his shoulder as he insisted that the brick should be the engine of our country on the services sector. It is true that the service sector is always a good asset for our country, but have not seen the real estate disaster, which has worsened in America which is in itself a global crisis? And what is this apparent technophobia that is in the Spanish political class that instead of investing more in R & D, technology and other cost-cutting decide from there?

Today we speak half in jest, half seriously, "Come to Germany, engineer Pepe," recalling the title of one of our most famous films and Spanish society half a century ago, to migrate to Germany for a better future. And is the situation we are considering for many young graduates, who see in this country know any achievements like everything related to technology and science.

And there is talk of a brain drain over! Of course, the concept of "brain drain" has always been treated as if America was removed a knowledge capital and important talent. However, this is not the case.

And some will say "but if you are saying that the Spanish engineers will go to Germany because there are job offers, is not that a brain drain?" And I answer with another question: "what do those engineers in America aside from looking for non-stop and end up in jobs that have little or nothing to do with yours? ".

Because that's the point: we have meat, consultancies, technology companies several, but not so many and so important in America. The brick still outweigh science and technology together. So do not talk about brain drain, because at first glance America should have some concern for engineering and science (in capitals). And clearly does not. If not, many engineers would not seriously thinking of moving to another country and learn their language if that can develop as workers, engineers and people.

There is much potential in our country. There is a great potential, and although our universities than those displayed in world rankings, at least not useless institutions as some may think. The problem is not in college, but that sales once you realize that what they have you made is being exploited in an inefficient way (rather poor) in our country. And yet I was surprised to see that many want to go to Germany, as decades ago?

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Random Fan dijo...

I thought the German unemployment rates was still around 10%? Should some engineers be available?

Freek dijo...

Maybe everyone's trying so hard to become some kind of financial expert or entrepreneur that they forget about the importance of skilled labor such as engineers. American engineers in Germany, though... that would really be something.

Chad dijo...

Thats interesting...there should be engineers available lol

chronometer dijo...

As far as I remember, Germany never had any problems with their engineers.