jueves, 10 de marzo de 2011

Manifest self-repair:

Defend these truths to be obvious

Manifest self-repair:

Repair is better than recycling.
Make our things last longer, is more efficient and cheaper than recycled materials for

Fix save the planet.
The earth has limited resources, we can not continue with a linear production process forever.
The best way to be efficient is refusing to what we already have.

Servicing or save money.
Fixing things is usually free, and usually cheaper than replacement. Repair the same things, you save much money.


Learn repairing technique.
The best way to understand how something works is to disarm.

If you can not fix, you do not poses.
Fix something connects people and appliances that transcends Cranden links on consumerism.
Repair your things sustainable.

Repair connects you with your stuff * Fix power individuals
Transforms consumer repair * Repair staff makes you feel proud to own.
Servicing or things you give your touch, and make it unique * Repair independence
Repair requires creativity * Repair * Repair is Green is fun
Repair is necessary to understand our stuff * Fix saving money and resources

We have the right to:
Open and repair our things if they void the warranty
Appliances that can be opened * error codes and wiring diagrams
Diagnostic instructions and flow charts
Documentation for anything * Being able to choose our own technical
Remove sticker "Do not remove" * Repair things in the privacy of our home
Replace any consumable ourselves
Hardware that does not require proprietary tools for repair
Availability of spare parts at reasonable prices

Inspired by the Bill of Rights and platform Jalopy "21's Repair Manifesto

Join the revolution

5 comentarios:

Random Fan dijo...

"If you cannot fix, do not possess." An admirable goal, but nearly impossible to achieve.

viljami.korianteri dijo...

Too bad many things are very hard to fix nowadays. Sure, you may be able to fix that old chair by yourself, but try to fix that new phone or tv! Not that easy for most of us

Nick dijo...

Totally agree. Self-repair costs less and it makes you complete. Also, you learn from experience.

MrJoseph dijo...

Self repair is good when you know how to do it. Like I tried to fix my plumbing when the water was flowing weird, and the water when all over the floor. Silly me :(

Kim Anders dijo...

my dad and granddad can fix almost anything :P